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Friday Feb 02, 2018


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Hey everyone! So sorry about missing last week. A few friends threw a surprise gender reveal party for me and my husband on Saturday. It was totally amazing, cause hubby and I were on the fence about whether to find out because we didn't care what the baby was going to be, we were just happy I didn't miscarry this time. So to make up for it, please take cards spelling BABY GIRL <3 We're still undecided on a name at the moment. Just to give you all a heads up, as well, baby is due in March and I will probably take a couple weeks off when she's born.

I'll work on your deck donations. I know I said before that I was working on those, and I do have some decks done but I haven't uploaded and added them to the site. So I'll be doing that. As well since we're in a new month, both Card Claims and Melting Pot have been refreshed with new cards.

That's about all for now. I'll go through the member list to check for activity. Other than that, I will see you all next week!

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