Friday Jun 16, 2017


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Hey everyone! So now that we've been back for a couple of weeks, I've moved a few members from hiatus to active. By next update, I'll have the member list updated to who's currently active. Any trade posts that have not been updated since it was last active will be moved to hiatus. Anyone who would like to come off hiatus and back to playing is welcome to use the Contact form to get in touch with me to return.

Is anyone having trouble with the claim and donate forms? I've had one member at Moving Lines mention some issues with the claim form, so I wasn't sure if that was an issue here as well. It hasn't been brought up, but just thought I'd ask.

Lastly. Next weekend I'm going to be out of town photographing an event but I will still attempt to update the site in the morning before I head out. It will only have to be a quickie update and I won't be able to do any site updates for the weekend until I get home. Just figured I'd give you all that heads up!

See ya next time!

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