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Friday Aug 11, 2017


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Hey guys! I'm so sorry again about last week. My entire trip home got super delayed, I didn't have Wifi and then my suitcase went on the wrong flight. It was a nightmare! I'm home for a while now, and not traveling again any time soon.

Anyhow. I think I've responded to all returning member emails. If I haven't, please just send another form to remind me and I'll get those of you back to active again. As well if I'm behind on any member cards, or if you don't have a member card please just send me an email reminder. Thank you!

I see we have lots of donations...awesome! At this point I'd love to try and get a reliable deck maker to help with some of these donations. So if you have the availability to help make decks, I would love the help! Preferably would like someone who has experience as an owner and/or deck maker. Please send me a Contact form to inquire about it.

Lastly, since we reached into a new month since the last update. I've cleared all cards in the both Card Claims and added new cards, refreshed the cards in the Melting Pot as well. I will very soon have the other games up. So stay tuned for that.

Also, BTW, I know the forums aren't working at the moment. It's because they were hosted on my other domain which expired. The database is still in tact, but I'm working on getting it moved over. So bear with me!

See you all next update!

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