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Thursday Jan 11, 2018


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Hey everyone! Update is a little early this week. I just felt like jumping the gun a little :)

Not too much going on except I'm trying to get through your donations. I'd love to maybe hire another deck maker to help out. I'm looking for someone who is reliable and can make at least 5 decks every two weeks. This someone needs to have experience as a deck maker and/or TCG owner, also have Photoshop or ability to edit PSD files. Plus you get rewards for the decks you make. Please use the contact form to get in touch with me if you're interested.

I think I've addressed all the errors and issues that a few of you have brought to my attention. If I missed any please let me know. Otherwise I think that's about it for this week! See you next time!

New decks

You may take a total of 5 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.


flash-joewest15, prisonbreak-s111, prisonbreak-s118, sense8-s103, sense8-s106 + prisonbreak-s119, sense8-s117

thank you

Comment by Shell

New decks: prisonbreak-s101, ncisla-callensam02, flash-joewest03, criminalminds-s204, criminalminds-s205

Comment by Fina

New decks: criminalminds-s205, flash-joewest10, ncisla-callensam02, prisonbreak-s114, sense8-s107

Comment by Xtina

New decks: criminalminds-s219, flash-joewest10, ncisla-callensam15, prisonbreak-s103, sense8-s104

Comment by Crissy

New Decks: criminalminds-s213, criminalminds-s218, ncisla-callensam20, flash-joewest12, prisonbreak-s108.

Comment by Karen

took ncisla-callensam07, prisonbreak-s112, sense8-s119, criminalminds-s205, flash-joewest04

Comment by Pam

New decks: criminalminds-s208, ncisla-callensam01, ncisla-callensam08 prisonbreak-s106, prisonbreak-s109

Comment by Guinevere

New Decks: ncisla-callensam03, ncisla-callensam18, flash-joewest02, flash-joewest18, prisonbreak-s101

Thank you! :)

Comment by Whitney

New Decks: flash-joewest11, sense8-s116, criminalminds-s212, ncisla-callensam04, prisonbreak-s117

Comment by Lex

took flash-joewest01, prisonbreak-s101, prisonbreak-s102, criminalminds-s201, criminalminds-s202

Comment by Catherine

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